How do you find the best beach for your Florida beach vacation?

Ask A Floridian!

People often ask me about their Florida beach vacation plans. I guess they figure if you want to know about a place, it is probably a good idea to ask somebody who lives there.

Well, that’s me. I grew up in Florida as a boy, and with a few breaks in between have spent over half my life here. I love living here, especially exploring all the different beaches, and vacation possibilities across the state.

All in all, many of my fondest memories take place on beaches in Florida. I love it here, and I’m happy to help you find the best beach for your vacation.

During my years away, and now that I have moved back, my friends and family up north often ask “What do you think is the best beach in Florida for a vacation?”

So, here is what I say to them …… Tell me what you want your vacation to be, and I’ll give you some ideas. (Of course we always encourage a short stay with us as part of the package.)

So, since you too are looking for a great beach to have your vacation, ask yourself - What do I want my vacation to be?

(Photo from Tradewinds Resort in St Pete Beach)

Do I want it to be ……

Whether you are looking for adventure, a serious suntan, or just lots of warm breezes and beautiful sunsets, there is a fabulous Florida beach vacation waiting for you.

Click on a link, and we'll talk about some ideas for you.

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